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Monthly operations Pledge Campaign:

"Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise" Al-Bukhari. Insha’allah, here is an opportunity for you to earn place in the Paradise.
Masjid Financials

  • Masjid Uthman has running expenses of around $4500 per month
  • Masjid relies on contribution from residents and non-residents muslim families
  • For ad-hoc expenses brother’s contribute and masjid funds are not touched
  • If 90 families agree to make donations of $50 per month then in sha Allah it will suffice us to take care of monthly expenses
  • Alahamdullillah the count is came down to 33 from 90 now

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    May Allah (SWT) accept your good deeds and bless you for your support. We truly appreciate it. You may donate in any one of the form listed below:

    • Please click paypal's "Donate" button on this website's right side to donate generously.
    • Cash/Check: Checks to be made payble for ­­ 'Masjid Uthman'
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Fri Jan 18, 2019
جمادى الأولى 11 1440
Starts Iqama
Fajr6:295:45 am
Dhuhar12:482:00 pm
Asr3:355:45 pm
Maghrib5:545 mins after Sunset
Isha7:0710:30 pm
Jumah 1st Jum'ah Salah Start 1:30PM 2nd Jum'ah Salat Starts 2:30pm

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Masjid Location

11 Dunwoody Park South, Suite #165 Atlanta, GA 30338
Ph:(678) 871-7786